What is VNN?

Varsity News Network helps schools promote the entirety of their athletics – every sport – through a state of the art, online sports information system. In the process, VNN also creates opportunities for media students to learn on the latest technologies, develop portfolio pieces and earn recognition from a wide audience.

What’s in it for students?

  • Education: The VNN program offers a unique opportunity for students to learn techniques and technologies that will help them succeed in today’s world, from writing to web-design, from marketing to entrepreneurship.
  • Opportunity: Because VNN sites are tied into multiple publications through the Varsity News Network, students’ work will be viewed by potential employers and academic institutions from a local and regional community.

What’s in it for athletes?

  • Increased coverage & exposure: As mainstream media changes, high school sports receive progressively less coverage.  Participating in the VNN program ensures that sports at your school will receive exponentially greater coverage, and exposure at a local and regional level through affiliation with VNN publications.
  • Recognition for all athletes: Student athletes in every sport will benefit from the attention drawn by the major sports, thanks to a program designed to celebrate student athletes in every sport, instead of just a few.
  • Better athletic experience: 99% of high school athletes will not play competitively at the next level.  Participating with VNN makes athletics at the high school level as memorable as possible.

How does it work?

There are three key aspects to a successful high school sports information website: Technology, Promotion, and Content.

  • Technology: Promoting an entire school’s athletics requires effort – Varsity News Network offers technology designed to make that effort as simple and effective as possible.
  • Promotion: Branding and promotions are critical — Varsity News Network brands your programs, and promotes them thanks to our multimedia partners and publications.
  • Content: Content is king – Varsity News Network works with you to design a custom content development system using the resources and tools already in place at your school.

We take care of the first two, so you don’t have to.  Then we work with you to streamline and supercharge your content process to make promoting athletes at your school as simple as possible.

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