We believe in high school sports.

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Our mission is simple

We know that school sports create a healthy community and influence strong character in those that participate. It’s our goal to make sure educators have the opportunity to fulfill that promise.

By creating easy-to-use, time saving, communication channels for athletic departments, we’re working toward making sure they have more time to be a positive influence in their schools, recognize the great things their athletes are doing, and bring the community together through sports.

Our Environment

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VNN is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with employees all over the US, wherever our customers need them. In the beginning, we were a scrappy tandem of bloggers working the beat, and now, our over 60 employees are trusted by over 1,500 schools nationwide to help manage their programs. We’re still highly influenced by our roots. Content is king, community is important, and sports are awesome.


The idea of UGJ, or use good judgement, gives our team the power to change things and make them better without waiting. At VNN, we recognize and reward people who see a problem and just solve it.

Feats of Strength

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that VNN’ers love a good physical competitive challenge. In the short time we were at our office on Ionia Street, we’ve seen a pull-up face-off vs. the Jimmy John’s guy (we won), a company-wide slam dunk contest (Ryan won), broomball Christmas party, lunchtime crossfit and ‘should we hire you’ HORSE (we hired them). It’s a lot of fun. Got something good you want to beat us at? Here’s your open invitation. We’ll make the entire staff fair game.

Want to work with us?

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